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7 Hacks to save energy right now

 Turn it off

This is a no brainer- Turn off those lights. Turn off that AC and turn off those appliances when not in use.


2.       No Standby Please

Standby mode for PCs, Chargers can silently drain your power. So turn it off fully, especially at night.


3.       Light bulb Fused?- Replace with an LED

Replacing functioning lights may seem like a waste of good material. So, as and when your existing bulb or CFL or tube light fails, replace with an LED. Overtime, all fixtures will be LEDs.


4.       Hello Daylight

Open those blinds turn off the artificial light and use daylight as much as possible. Studies prove daylight helps you sleep better. So that’s another benefit right there.


5.       Clean it up

Dirty light fixtures, dirty fans, dirty AC filters all reduce the efficiencies of the equipment. So make a monthly cleaning schedule and clean it up.


6.       Maintain it

Regular maintenance of equipment ensures that they work in prime condition. Check the manufacturer specifications and ensure your Air conditioning equipment, Fans, Generators are serviced regularly.


7.       Are those windows and doors airtight

Gaps in windows and door frames may allow a steady loss of energy. Weather-strip them to prevent unnecessary air leakages

2017-02-01 By - Green Sketch
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