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Existing Buildings offer enormous potential to save energy. Green Sketch offers a range of services for greening existing buildings and interiors, where we will take a comprehensive look at how the building is performing and identify potential areas for energy, water and environmental savings. Our Results oriented approach for existing buildings include-

  • Comprehensive study of the current performance parameters through utility bills, spot readings and other logs and records
  • Analysis of study findings, coupled with discussions with the facility managers to arrive at key greening measures
  • Payback calculations which help to select the optimum green building measures
  • Monitoring the implementation of various measures and logging the performance effects
  • Introduction and training for facility managers in the green building measures so that you get a green building that delivers results from day one
A key issue faced by many of the commercial buildings in India today is the availability of water. Shortage of water supply by the utility company forces many buildings to either depend on ground water or purchase water through tanker lorries which can cost as much as Rs. 12 per liter or more. In an existing building, the water taps can be fitted with a flow reducing aerator, which costs as less as Rs. 150 and will reduce the water flow by 30% without reducing the water pressure.

The aerators can be easily retrofitted onto most existing taps giving immediate water savings. Couple this with other water saving measures and this can save the building as much 50% in water costs. Aerators also have a quick payback of less than 2 years.

Existing Building ratings are available under various certification systems. Find out more at Certification.

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