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Performing green buildings have been proven to improve worker performance, reduce absenteeism and overall enhance the quality of life. At Green Sketch we endeavor to give you tailor-made design solutions which work for you and your stakeholders, depending on your needs, your work culture and your aesthetics.

Consider, for example, it is common to introduce larger windows in office spaces for enhancing the daylight as well as for aesthetic reasons. However, a key problem faced by workers is that of glare on their worktops and computer screens; which in turn lead them to close the blinds and use artificial light even when daylight is available. Instead, Green Sketch suggests a smaller window design supplemented with daylighting windows and a light shelf. This introduces diffuse daylight into the interiors of the workplace without glare. Use of daylight during daytime can cut down the lighting power consumption by as much as 60% or more, which translate to direct cost savings in the power bills.

Our Green Design services help you enhance your building in the following ways
  • Reduced power/fuel consumption which translate into immediate cost savings
  • Reduced water consumption and wastage
  • Selecting the right materials for use in your buildings which enhance its thermal and aesthetic performance.
  • Enhancing the built environment with natural daylight, fresh air and making the building and enjoyable space to live, work and play
  • Improving the construction process by best management practices which reduces wastage
  • Syncing with the outdoor environment, the site and the community at large.
Green Sketch® Provides Green Building Design services for the following types of buildings
  • New buildings, building renovations and upgrades,
  • New interiors,
  • Individual Homes and Apartments complexes
  • Schools and other institutional buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Townships and neighborhoods
  • Other specific and/or multipurpose buildings
You can also certify your building to benchmark and rate your building. Find out more at Certification.

Building Simulation And Analysis

Energy and Water-Efficiency analysis

Take advantage of our specific services in energy modeling and simulation and water use analysis to develop the best design at a low cost. Energy simulations are conducted by Green Sketch by taking into account various factors such as real weather conditions, shape and actual materials used in the building and so on. These simulations can help to visualize the actual performance of the design as well as help in making key decisions over green conservation measures.

Our Various services include-
  • Complete Building Energy Simulation
  • Energy analysis for Energy conservation measures
  • Daylighting analysis
  • Artificial Lighting analysis
  • Shading analysis and Design
  • Fenestration analysis and Design
  • Water use calculations
We offer analytical and performance services of existing facilities as well. Find out more at auditing Research and Development

New ideas and new products need to be thoroughly vetted to make sure that they perform when used in green buildings. Work with us to find out how best it would work and how green is it. New products performance in buildings can be tested through simulations and implemented into designs where appropriate.

At Green Sketch we will help you to look at all the features, payback options and certifications that may help you to showcase your product as green. Contact us have a discussion with us about your product

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