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A wide variety of rating and certification are available for new and existing buildings. Green sketch offers certification services for many rating systems. Get in touch with us to know which rating system is best work or to do a quick feasibility analysis under any chosen rating system.

Leed Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a globally recognized rating system given by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED helps you benchmark new and existing building on a global green scale and achieve value addition in terms of worldwide recognition.

Buildings like Garments, Automobile and other manufacturing Facilities and warehouses with overseas clients, Multi National companies, data centers with worldwide servers, Star hotels and Resorts can all opt for LEED Certification.

LEED focus on all aspects of Green Building including The surroundings, community, the design process, water, energy, renewables, occupant comfort and quality and materials. The earlier you get started with LEED the easier it will be to implement and document.

Pre-certification is also available for some category of buildings.

LEED offers rating under these categories

  • Building Design + Construction (BD+C)- For all kinds of new buildings including offices, Core and Shell Development, Schools, Retail, Data Centers, Warehouse and Distribution centers, Hospitality and Health Care
  • Interior Design + Construction (ID+C)- For all interior projects , retails and Hospitality
  • Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M)- For all Existing Buildings, Schools, Retail, Data Centers, Warehouse and Distribution centers, Hospitality
  • Neighborhood Development (ND)- For Townships, neighborhoods, etc
  • Homes- (currently for US projects only

IGBC Certification

Developed by the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Indian Green Building Council’s Green Rating systems cover a wide variety of building typologies and constructions.

Buildings like apartments, factories, colleges, Metro and Mono Rails stations, SEZs, etc. would all be benefitted by IGBC’s Green Rating system. Pre-certification options are available for some project types.

Here is a comprehensive list of Green Ratings under IGBC

  • IGBC Green New Buildings
  • IGBC Green Homes
  • IGBC Green Factory Buildings
  • IGBC Green Existing Buildings
  • IGBC Green Schools
  • IGBC Green Interiors
  • IGBC Green Landscapes
  • IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System
  • IGBC Green Existing Mass Rapid Transit System
  • IGBC Green Residential Societies
  • IGBC Green Healthcare
  • IGBC Green Data Centre
  • IGBC Green SEZs
  • IGBC Green Villages
  • IGBC Green Cities
  • IGBC Green Townships
  • IGBC Green Campus

Griha Certification

The Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) was developed by the The Energy Research Institute (TERI) and is one of the indigenous rating systems available for new buildings.

Primarily focusing on best construction practices, GRIHA can be adopted by most government and public sector buildings. Buildings like National and State level institutions, government offices and apartments, etc can adopt GRIHA. Existing Schools can also apply under Prakriti certification

GRIHA offers certification under these categories for new buildings and Schools-

  • GRIHA Pre-certification- For Tenanted Buildings
  • SVA GRIHA- For Projects less than 2500
  • GRIHA- Projects more than 2500
  • GRIHA LD- For projects more than 50 Hectares.
  • GRIHA Prakriti – For Existing Schools

EDGE Certification

Created by IFC (Member of World bank Group) and GBCI (Green Building Certifiation Insttute), EDGE offers a simplistic take on Green Building Ratings that helps mainstream Green Buildings for all. EDGE focuses only on Energy, Water and Materials, offering a simple free to use software calculation methodology. The Project owners need to Show 20% savings in Energy, Water and Materials to qualify for EDGE certification. An EDGE Auditor is required to achieve certification from GBCI.

Green Sketch offers EDGE Consulting and EDGE Auditing services. You can choose to have us as the consultant or appoint us as the Auditor.


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is developing the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) of India. Green sketch helps you implement the ECBC code as appropriate.

BEE star labeling schemes are also available for various buildings for which Green Sketch will help you make the applications.

The ECO housing Assessment Criteria has been developed by the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC), The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) and the Science and Technology Park (STP), University of Pune under the USAID-GDA sponsored eco-housing initiative. Applicable for residential projects, the rating system has been set up by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

WELL Standard
Focuses primarily on improving the health of building occupants. It focuses on air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind as the Main categories for certification.
Buildings looking to take their projects beyond green with a strong emphasis on employee and/or occupant comfort would be benefitted by this certification.
Highly suitable for Corporate offices, Star hotels, Spa & Wellness Centers, Resorts, Interiors and Institutions.

Greenpro is a unique rating system for product certification offered by the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII). The rating system encourages green measures in various cycles of the project including, Product design, Raw materials, Manufacturing process, product performance during use, disposal and recycling.

The Building Research Establishment- Energy Assessment Method is a rating system developed in the UK. Currently, there are many country specific assessment methods available and also an International BREEAM standard under which Indian buildings can qualify.

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